Doc's Sponsors

Some of the sponsor links on the home page are also family owned and operated so I can really identify with their need to provide the best products and customer care possible.

Mercury (Click here)

Mercury and Motor Guide, even though they are not family run businesses, have been very good to me and I believe in their products and would never have been able to fish the Elite without their support. I not only appreciate the quality of their products but appreciate their dedication to research and development and how they stand behind their warranty program. If you are not using their fuel care additives you should be, these are not only the best products available they are going to benefit you and your engine by increasing the longevity and avoiding problems on the water!

BassCat Boats (Click here)

BassCat Boats is one of those family run business. Rick Pierce is one of those great men that has touched many peoples hearts. With a Basscat boat you are not only getting the best boat for the money, you are getting the best boat. The family reputation is on the line with everything that they produce and with everything that they service and sell. This company strives to set the industry standards and there is never a reduction in quality to create more profits for the corporation. I would never have been able to fish the Elite series without the support of Rick and BassCatBoats.

Alligator Boards (Click here)

Alligator Board's metal pegboard looks great and lasts a lifetime. (Click here)

Wilson Frazier, the brains behind, is another one of those great men. Wilson is the most knowledgeable person on the planet about how sonar and GPS work and how to maximize and understand your electronics. You need to have his instructional DVDs. He also has some incredible bait scents and boat care products. Don't tell anyone, but you need to try his fish scent called Dirty Socks. This stuff works!! Try it but don't let your partner know that you are using it. Also try the cleaner, Eraser, it will make your seats and carpet look new. The Shazam will create a shine on your motor and boat like you have never seen.

Vicious Fishing (Click here)

Vicious fishing is another family business, they will always stand behind their fishing lines and are dedicated to producing the best product possible for a fair price. Their lives depend on the quality so you can always count on their lines. I especially like their Pro Elite Fluorocarbon, Braid and Ultimate lines.

Time ON The Water (Click here)

Time ON The Water is my Basscat Boat dealer of choice. Frank Hyla, the owner is a great guy and will always do everything possible for you. This is more than just another dealership. They of course sell new and used boats but their service department is second to none. All of the staff are avid outdoors men including the service crew, so they understand the needs of tournament anglers as well as everyone that needs to be on the water. They have boat lines for everyone. Besides BassCat they handle Skeeter, Alumacraft, SeaArk and Premiere Pontoons. As an added bonus they have a tackle shop and an indoor archery range.

Motor Guide (Click here)

MotorGuide has been good to me and I always have supported and used MotorGuide trolling motors.

Lowrance Electronics (Click here)

I belive in the quality and dependability. The important thing is to understand how the units work in order to understand how to get the most out of them. I recommend the instructional DVDs from (Click here).

Jackall Lures (Click here)

Jackall lures and baits are the best!!! I'm certain that you have seen how these baits are showing up everywhere, it is due to demand. If you really want to catch fish and want to have the most effective tool for the technique you are using then you need to try Jackall. Jackall was one the sponsors that I was most proud to represent.